Top Reasons To Buy Rural Homes And Properties in Montana

We work with a lot of buyers looking to purchase rural property in Montana. Good rural property in the Montana is in high demand as buyers seek to focus on enjoying the simpler things in life. Demand for homes has shifted to rural areas as people look to move out of dense urban areas.

There is no single definition of a “rural” property. Several indicators are used to determine how to classify a property. If the home is on a parcel of at least an acre, and more than 50 percent of the land is vacant, this indicates that the property is rural.

There are numerous reasons to purchase rural property in Montana.

Wide Open Spaces

If you’re the type of person who craves plenty of space, then rural living might be for you. In rural settings, you’ll have enough space for anything you can imagine. The real treasure here is the amount of outdoor space. Many rural homes are located on lots of multiple acres. Some rural properties contain woods, streams, ponds, and other natural wonders.


Buyers wanting a home in a private setting are attracted to rural property. You are likely to have more space between you and any neighbors in rural areas.

Rural Property In Montana Can Be Less Expensive

Usually the further you get away from the amenities of a big city the lower the price of real estate becomes. For example property that is located 45 minutes from downtown Bozeman is typically lower priced than property that is located 15 minutes away.

Rural Property in Montana Can Be a Good Investment

Over the last 5 years rural property in Southwest Montana has been a good investment, especially around Bozeman, Montana. Median sales prices of homes outside Bozeman city limits has been increasing an average of 10% per year since 2015.

Higher Quality Of Life

Investing In Rural Property In Montana has more than just financial benefits, there are also health benefits and the happiness people feel when living in a natural setting to consider.

Less Regulations and Laws

In urban areas many homes are under zoning restrictions, or restrictions assocatiated with a HOA(Home Owners Association). These restrictions may restrict you from raising chickens, or even planting a garden. Homes in rural settings typically do not have as many restrictions on how the owners may use the property.

Rural Communities Offer A Great Place To Raise Children

Suburbs are a great place to raise children. You’re close to businesses and organizations your kids can join, the schools tend to be fairly good and you’re still close to the city, where you might work. You’re also probably surrounded by other families with children who your kids can be friends with. While anyone can live in and enjoy the suburbs, they’re particularly beneficial if you have children.

Rural properties have many features that make them appealing to buyers, but also come with a unique set of considerations when choosing the right property. To avoid the pitfalls of buying your piece of paradise, contact our expert real estate agents.

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